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November 20, 2010



Great giveaway! I'm always looking for new patterns for mens sweaters. I kind of even like the camouflage.


While I don't want the patterns, I have to say: I own a version of the last jersey. It was knitted for my grandfather by one of his patients (small rural town GP), and it's a V-neck version of that design with very slight variations in the cabling. In the same colour wool as that shot. It's quite eerie to see another photo of it.

John Ranck

The first two are particularly interesting. Please sign me up!

Mary de B

I'm in! I like the first picture best, too.


What a lovely prize! Martin Storey has a lovely way with patterns.

Russell Boyd

Being a male knitter, who has yet to try a sweater, I would loooove to have this book in my library. I need to broaden my knitting horizons from ponchos, shawls, scarves, and hats. The sweaters look great too.

Geoff Kropp

a lot of these patterns look really great. i have yet to tackle a sweater and it's one of my knitting goals.


I'm hoping one day to convince my beloved to let me knit him a jumper. Maybe this book would help?

Blue Gal / Fran Langum

I like the first photo best. Thanks for this opportunity!


Some very 'knitable' sweaters there!


Books of men's sweater patterns are really hit or miss. It's rare to get a book of all wearable designs. Some are just unfortunate...


I love the patterns. My DH would definitely wear most of them.


What a great twist on argyle! I have a growing fondness for argyle and an irrational fear of intarsia. With one less color, this would be a great introduction.
I like the last sweater, too. I agree it's a bit fussy, but for me it's the turtle neck that feels that way. I think the texture is fine, though. It's intricate, but the cables aren't overwhelming, which I think happens a lot in designs for men.

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