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November 06, 2010


Mary de B

Hmm, no loom here, so don't include me in the giveaway! This is very good of you -- I cringe at the thought of postage costs, but I should really do a similar thing!


Hi, I have the Knitter's loom but not the book. Dooooooooo have plenty of yarn that could be used. LOL Awful nice of you to think of others while re-doing your stash of books.


Lovely way to destash! I don't have any books on weaving yet, although I do have a loom...

Trish Ross

Oooh, ooooh, I'm learning to weave! And I find the transition from crochet/knitting to weaving a tad confusing at times. I would love a chance to get this book. Please sign me up!


I don't have a loom, so don't include me in the draw either. But this is a very nice way to destash - I especially like that you're giving an honest review. I feel the same way about brand name pushing, but on the whole it sounds like a pretty good book.

dongib - Donna G.

Oh, I would so love to win this book, but so won't a lot of you also, so wishing everyone luck. I just purchased a used Kromski loom and would love to try these designs on it as I learn my new craft. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Laurel Moore

I would so love that book! I have an AKL and a Kromski Harp and I know this book would help me.

thanks for offering it


I just purchased my first loom ever, a 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle and I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive! I know I could use any help I could get getting started, I might have to go find my own copy...


Ooh, I will totally have to get this if I don't win! hehe Thanks for the info. :)


I'm just waiting for my first loom (Ashford Rigid Heddle 16 inch) to arrive, and have been eagerly reading books, watching youtube videos and buying potential warp threads this weekend. Would really love having this book to help me learn!


Don't put me in the draw - but just to say that there are a few retailers in the UK offering the Tekapo yarns. A quick Google search shows it is sold by: Fibrecrafts, Scottish Fibres, Forest Fibres,Frank Herring and Sons... no doubt more, I didn't look at the 2nd page of results.

Nancy Zuese

Hi, I too think this is very nice to reach out to other new weavers. i glanced at the book but have just gotten my loom and have started only one project. I would be interested to see if this book would inspire me on to my next project. i have a schacht 25" flip loom.


I am an Ashford fan. Thank you for the review.


No loom, and no time for a new hobby anyway, so don't put me in the draw.
I do appreciate the book review, even if it isn't applicable to what I'm doing now. Who knows what the future will bring?
And I'll offer thanks to you along with the person who will win the book - you're very generous!

sandy cooksley

I have no loom but am hoping to have after christmas present spending lol.. how nice to give away something like this... thanks even if I am too late for the draw or dont win... nice karma coming your way


I'm not in the draw - but I think this is a great way to pass on stuff you will no longer use (for what ever reason)


Good to see such a detailed review of this book, I've been a bit stalled in my weaving progress and was considering getting this one to try kick start getting beyond my first projects. Very helpeful- thanks :D

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