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December 02, 2009


tommye scanlin

I love krokbragd. Both Nancy Hoskins in her book Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves and Katherine Larson in her book The Woven Coverlets of Norway discuss krokbragd. Have fun with it!
Tommye Scanlin


I love krokbragd too. The patterns are always so fascinating. Your description is excellent. I made one sample a long time ago for a design board and have always meant to revisit it someday for more in depth study. I'll be interested in your experiments.


This is such a great post! I'm supposed to help teach this structure next month but have never tried it myself so have been hunting for some technical info on how it works. Am SO glad you tweeted about this or I might never have found it. Now I can absorb all your techy bits (yay!) and weave some samples and feel like I really can be useful during this part of the workshop after all. :D

I have a couple of burning questions that you didn't address in your post, though: 1) how did you weave this on a RH loom? Did it require two heddles? and 2) what software did you use to create those diagrams? Am pretty sure Fibreworks PCW can't do that.


Thanks for a great post! It's incredible how so many possibilities open up out of something that starts out looking relatively simple.
I just need a few more lifetimes.

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